Illustration Elena Fay

Merci beaucoup pour cette magnifique illustration Elena Fay

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« Hi everyone, I’m Elena the blogger at DC in Style where I usually talk
about fashion, art and family. I was so excited to create this illustration for beautiful Angela and tell you a little bit about my artwork!

I’ve always loved drawing but couldn’t even imagine that someday it will be my career. It all started a few years ago when I came to US from Russian and decided that it was a perfect time to follow my dreams. After college (with animation degree) I started freelancing and thanks to my blog I’ve been very busy with super exciting projects. I love to draw whimsical fashion illustrations using ink and watercolor. Recently I started an Etsy shop where everyone can get their custom fashion illustration or unique creative gift for their friends. I don’t have to visit fashion shows to be inspired-I find inspiration everywhere, it can be when I walk with my baby, see gorgeous outfit in the movie or unique look in style magazines. Ahhh, my dream is to travel around the world, experience different cultures, explore new cuisine and paint paint paint!:) »

Elena Fay

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